None of us know why we like guns. We just do. From a decked out AR with accessories hanging all over it, to a fine old shotgun made in the sixties, guns are just plain cool.

The engineering that goes into the design, the parts that are manufactured, the factory workers that put it together – all for a purpose. A old Belgium Browning shotgun, a home defense shotgun, a Glock 19, or an old Smith and Wesson revolver.  The industry keeps on putting out new designs, new technology and great products every year.

Are you one of those guys who needs the latest and newest shotgun every year?

Have you finally decided to buy that 1911 Sig?

Are you just getting started and need some advice?

Jackson Marketing and Outfitters can help you fill up your gun safe. Contact us to talk about your current arsenal and how we can add to it.