My dad wasn’t much of a hunter but he did take me out chasing rabbits a few times. And I had a couple of buddies in high school, they let me tag a long a taught me some things. That’s all it took – I love being out in the field.

There’s nothing like the sound of that first turkey gobble of the morning.

Or the sight of a big group of mallards with locked wings coming right into your spread.

The sight of a large set of deer antlers on the fence row – how big is he?

Walking a field waiting for the dogs to go on point for a rooster pheasant.

I have so many friends that we enjoy just getting out there. I also have two boys and we have so much fun chasing game, talking guns and tactics, and being in the outdoors. The camaraderie before, during and after the hunt is something to make some life time memories.

If you have a need to talk hunting, need some gear, are thinking about a guided hunt, or would like to invite me to go hunting (yes please) please contact me and we will discuss the details.

I love to hear great stories and may tell you a few.