too much freezing weather…what to do?

It's been below freezing here in Missouri for 11 days. what to do? Let those creative juices flow! recently I took up wood carving and the photos you see are a work in progress of a canvasback drake. OR - tie some flies for fly fishing this spring OR - do some watercolors paintings of [...]

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crazy ammo prices

"It's a dog eat dog world out there and I'm wearing milkbone underwear" Norm Peterson from a TV show called Cheers. That's where we are at with ammunition. I received an e-mail this morning from a internet dealer "We've got 9mm in stock - don't miss out!" Ok, I'll play ball. I went to the [...]

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Duck season – It’s rough out there

Oh the woes of being a duck hunter. It's hard to be on the X when you just aren't seeing any birds... I've been out about 10 times since the Missouri duck season started. We've had some fun but we've hardly been successful. Is it the weather? Has the migration changed? Are the ducks already [...]

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Ducks here and gone?

Is there any hope for another duck hunt or two? Or are the ducks gone with this weather? Looking at the Missouri department of conservation duck harvest reports page this morning and the numbers of ducks that the areas are holding are way down. Weather! snow and cold - great for duck hunting! If they [...]

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Geese are flying and I’m working

I have seen a ton of geese flying today while driving around for work. there was a group that flew over my house when I got home. It's a sign - need to hunt I'm scheming - how can I make some time and where can I go to set up? Need to scout some [...]

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